We sell granite countertops to the public, for residential and commercial properties.

Are you looking for new granite countertops for your home or commercial project?  A Joy of Granite & Natural Stone, LLC has plenty of amazing options to consider.  Having granite countertops in your home adds a luxurious and elegant feel to your specific area.  Moreover, a granite countertop will last a very long time without regular maintenance. .


Granite is ideal for kitchen, bar, utility and restroom countertops.   Granite is sanitary as it is non-porous and anti-bacterial and one can place hot items on the surface and not have to worry about the surface being damaged.  Once it is sealed, it is stain resistant from liquids and other abrasive materials.  Additionally, no countertop is the same as the mix of minerals is different and each surface has its own design and character just like artwork.  This type of surface also will not fade or lose its color over the years.  It is very common for granite to last decades and is highly scratch resistant.  Lastly, it will add monetary value to your home and with the booming real estate market in Dallas, it is a great way to raise the value of your property.

Granite countertops are beautiful and come in a variety of colors and pattern variations that can’t be found in any other material.  These countertops paired with stainless steel appliances and quality cabinetry, create an elegant kitchen that can entirely transform your interior.

Styles and Color

Granite is a natural stone that has variations in color and pattern that make each piece unique. Solid granite countertops have microscopic variation in their patterns or colors and are an excellent choice for smaller sized rooms or large rooms. 

You will find a variety of colors that range from white and black to red and gold and everything in between with names like Copper Canyon and Emerald Pearl, Alaska White.  With so many varieties of colors, veining and movements, one will be able to find the granite that complements the rest of your decor.

Granite comes in many textures and finishes.   For instance, honed, suede, antique and leathered.  The traditional polished finish is a great choice for small areas or kitchens with little natural light because the surface will reflect the light in the room. Honed finishes have a matte appearance and can make your surface look like soapstone or other materials.


granite countertop colors in Dallas, TX

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Granite countertops can be versatile. You can choose different edge styles to create a unique look, or you can carry it up the wall to create a granite backsplash.  With our help and expertise, your imagination is the only limitation when it comes to designing the kitchen of your dreams.

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If you are interested in getting granite countertops in the Dallas area, give us a call at (214) 957-8077 or fill out the form to the right, and we will help you out with any questions that you may have.  We will come to your location for a free estimate.  We love to make you happy and go the extra mile to make your dream a reality.

Serving the Dallas/Fort Worth area, A Joy of Granite has been offering granite and other natural stone countertops since 2005.  We make countertops easy and stress free on your part as we have many years of experience!