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If you need marble countertops for your home, then look no further. We install every type of marble countertop color, type, and cut for your home.

Marble Countertops are widely considered luxury countertops.  There are absolutely elegant and give your kitchen/room that luxury feel.   It really never goes out of style..  It is created from the earth in marble quarries and cut into your countertop specification by large machines.


Marble Countertop Qualities/Benefits

1. Heat Resistant

For one, it is great for cooking.  Marble is a favorite among bakers owing to its non-stick nature when rolling dough.  Marble is a very dense, hard stone which makes its easier for heat to transfer from a warmer object. It is also heat resistant and provides a cool working surface.

2. Vast Design Capabilities & Maleability

Marble offers more design capabilities than quartz or granite.  Although it is a softer than quartz, quartzite and granite, marble is actually quite durable and malleable.  It has been used for thousands of years in sculptures and other forms of art because of how easy it is to carve and shape.

3. Variety of Styles & Colors

Most marbles possess a classic white color that is not too bright as seen with other stones such as soapstone or quartz, however, there are marbles that are mostly black, green, grey, burgundy as well.

Styles, finishes, and edges – It can come in polished, honed, leathered, satin, antiqued or suede finishes.  Having a textured surface counter gives the countertop a different look.  The textured surface is scratch resistance and is less slippery when wet; however, can look like an older stone countertop (due to non polish look). The textured finish makes etch marks less visible and is very popular for kitchen countertops.  This finish requires more sealing than polished marble.  Polished marble countertops are smooth, glossy, and shiny.  The polished marble helps protect the marble from getting stained more than the textured surfaces.  Polished marble does not need to be sealed as often as a textured countertop, as the polished layer helps protect the marble. Polished marble countertops have been around since stone countertops have made the move in being the number one countertop.  2

4. Maintenance 

Knowing the characteristics of marble itself can help you learn how to take care of your countertop and leave it looking sparkling new for a very long time.  Be cautious as you may end up damaging your surface if you use the wrong method when cleaning.  Being a porous stone, it is easily eroded by acidic substances in your kitchen which include milk, red wine, tomato juice, lemon juice and vinegar. These liquids can also stain your countertop fairly easy.  Stains and spills on a marble surface need to be wiped as soon as they happen.

If you take care of your marble countertops it can last as long as you want!