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A Few Reasons Quartzite is the Best Option for Your Home Countertops

If you have been considering an upgrade for your current countertops, you will probably look for something that is economic, very durable and highly attractive. In the following article, we will take a look at how quartzite countertops compare to countertops of other materials and why these impressive surfaces could be the next best thing in your kitchen and home.

Top Reasons to Invest in Quartzite Countertops

1. Quartzite Lasts Longer than Granite

Granite it another very popular option for countertops both for its unique natural beauty and impressive durability. Like granite, quartzite is formed deep within the earth and subjected to high temperatures and extreme pressures that produce a very durable material. Nevertheless, quartzite has a higher rating on the Mohs Hardness Scale, As a matter of fact, quartzite is just about the hardest stone material available for countertops.

The surface of quartzite countertops is also less porous than granite or other materials and can be used with little need for sealant. While both of these are absolutely beautiful they should be paired well with the other elements of the kitchen for the greatest visual effect. Granite generally contains darker elements in its natural hues and patterns while quartzite can contain lighter news and is even available in an almost pure white or with deeper reds and greens; all natural!

2. It is Pretty as Marble, and cheaper too

Marble is by far one of the most coveted options for a kitchen countertop but comes with a few caveats that can make it less than ideal for all situations. The biggest problem with marble is its capacity to etch when exposed to acidic compounds. Due to the higher content of calcium carbonate, marble is not only a softer stone but can become discolored and disfigured when exposed to acid.

As drops of vinegar, tomato sauce, and lemon juice accumulate over the years, a marble countertop will begin to lose that gorgeous visual quality and take on a duller aspect. Furthermore, smaller impacts from falling kitchen utensils or rough abrasive surfaces can chip and scratch at marble’s lovely surface, which is just heartbreaking.

Marble ranks in at a low 4 in the Mohs Hardness Scale where quartzite tops off at a cool 7. This means a quartzite countertop will not only look, feel and gleam like lovely marble but last significantly longer and not be phased by the inevitable harsh ingredients and sharp kitchen implements it will encounter.

3. It’s Not the same as Quartz Countertops at All!

Yup, they sound like they should be in the same category, but they really aren’t. Quartzite is a naturally occurring stone created from sand under pressure and heat in the forges of middle earth, quite literally. When they come to the surface these stones can be cut and applied to a variety of attractive purposes.

Quartz countertops are only partially natural and the ground shards of quartz stone are combined with durable resins to make a fairly attractive domestic material. Sure this option is a bit more cost effective; but, it’s not stone, it doesn’t resist heat well and it will be scratched and deteriorated in a matter of time.

4. It’s a Cost-Effective Option

While you may find that quartzite countertops are a bit more costly than some other options, but they will usually be less expensive than marble. Granite and quartzite are roughly the same prices, but as mentioned, quartzite is the more durable of the two and possibly better suited to your aesthetic tastes. Furthermore, you can probably find a wider variety of options available in the quartzite market, thinner slabs are less expensive and can be just as durable with proper support. Furthermore, as the demand for quartzite continues to increase the prices for this attractive material decrease.

5. Least amount of Maintenance

Finally, even though you will want to treat your quartzite countertop with all the love and care you would provide for pure gold, you will not have to worry as much. Certain varieties can be found with much higher surface density, which is a great option for busy kitchens as this resists stains and discoloration better than any other stone surface will. Even though it is highly heat and scratch resistant, you will want to keep other abrasive objects and materials away from your prized countertop.