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For many people, granite and marble are the must-have materials to use as on their kitchen countertops. However, if you are remodeling or building a kitchen, you should widen the scope of prospective materials to use in your kitchen to include soapstone. Soapstone sort of combines qualities of both marble and granite. This natural stone has dark hues much like granite has but also comes with light veining just as marble does.

However, it stands on its own when it comes to ease of daily use and ease of maintenance. It is nonporous to even common acidic liquids found in the kitchen, which means it does not stain. It much healthier as it does not provide a habitat for bacteria to thrive. Soapstone countertops are easy to install, which reduces the cost of installation. These are some of the unique qualities of soapstone.

Herein we will explore some of the notable advantages you stand to accrue by opting for soapstone rather.

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Beautiful Timeless Aesthetics – On the aesthetic front, soapstone is uniquely beautiful. You can opt for soapstone that has a greenish hue, usually from Brazil or the variety that has gray to black tones. These range of colors increases your chances of finding a color tone that can complement or contrast your overall kitchen colors. Furthermore, as mentioned above, it soapstone is usually veined, adding character and substance to the countertop.

Changeability -Although this can be attributed as part of its beauty, nonetheless, it is a fairly unique quality that deserves a mention of its own. You can change the appearance of a soapstone countertop by simply applying mineral oil, darkening it tad more. Otherwise, you can leave it with the lighter hue by not applying mineral oils, if you so which. And even after applying mineral oil and you end up not liking the darker hue on your countertop, you just have to wait a couple of weeks and it will regain its lighter hue as before.

Durability – Durability is also another quality that soapstone can brag about. While there are varying degrees of hardness when it comes to soapstone, there are plenty of soapstone varieties that are very hardy. We make use of the hardest variety of soapstone to ensure that you have a durable countertop that you can be proud of.

More Practical – Considering that soapstone countertops are not damaged by heat nor stained by acidic liquids, they are more practical, especially for a busy kitchen. By investing in soapstone, you ensure that your kitchen countertops are more usable and workable, something you that is important.soapstone countertop dallas

Ease Of Daily Care – When it comes to daily care, soapstone is one of the easiest countertop materials to care for on the market. As mentioned above, soapstone is nonporous. As such, it does not allow staining liquids such as red wine, coffee, lemon juice, and other common staining liquids to perforate into the material, thereby permanently discoloring the countertop.

You can install and use without having to be overly worried about destroying your countertop. Moreover, the properties of this natural material make it possible for you to place hot pots without destroying it. It does not support the growth of bacteria as it is not porous, thereby negating the need to use a lot of harsh chemicals to keep you kitchen bacteria-free. For daily care, all you have to do is clean with mild soap and you are okay.

Low Maintenance – Considering that it does not suffer from many of the typical defects that other natural materials do, you can rest assured that maintaining soapstone will be a tad easier for you. It is less susceptible to cracking, therefore, you need not worry about carrying out repair emanating from cracks. It is not porous, and, therefore you do not to constantly apply a sealant.


However, being soft makes it susceptible to nicks and scratches. However, even this is easy to repair with minor sanding. Generally speaking, though, soapstone is far easier to maintain than other natural materials that you can use as your countertop.

Some might posit that the efforts that go into maintaining the soapstone countertops such as applying mineral oils relatively frequently negate the aforementioned benefits one accrues from having this type of countertop. The truth of the matter is, there is always some level of maintenance involved in maintaining any kind of countertop material. Furthermore, maintaining soapstone countertop is not a daunting task. It is only a matter of cleaning the countertop with mild stone, avoid taking a knife to the countertop (make use of a chopping board), wiping spills in a timely manner, and following the manufacturer’s recommendations.

We will guide you on how to use and maintain your soapstone in pristine condition, thereby protecting your asset and your investment. We care enough to ensure that we not only provide the best products and installation services with regards to soapstone countertops, but we also educate our customers and clients on how best to protect their investment.