Charles A. Wright

A Joy of Granite

I called Joy of Granite on the afternoon of the 21st reaching no one or nothing but answering machines.  Joy of Granite's recording said they were closed for the holidays.  I did reach one company and was told a repairman would call me with a time.  No one ever did.  I ended up calling Joy back on the  26th.   Result:  She was still on vacation but called me back almost immediately and could NOT have been nicer, and had an excellent professional, Martin,  at our home at exactly when I was told.   All plumbing had to be detached, and holes drilled for big metal screws to actually support the granite - not just glue.   And I did not have to call the plumber because he re-attached the disposal and other plumbing.   The bill was the lower of two possible quotes she gave me.  Joy (the owner) is probably the most delightful, responsive person I could have come across.  I am sorry I did not get her to install my countertops originally - it would have been done right.   An A+ job!