Jeff Starnes

A Joy of Granite

I contacted Joy on a Tuesday around lunch.  She returned my call around 5:00pm the same day and asked if I could be at the house around 9:30am the following morning.  I agreed to the proposed schedule.  Joy advised me that the contractor she used was a perfectionist and that if he had any doubts about his ability to do an excellent job, that he would turn the work down. The contractor was 5 minutes early to the appointment.  He spent about 15 minutes measuring and inspecting the cabinets.  He quoted the work effort at $250.00.  I agreed, and he proceeded to begin work. The contractor brought in an assistant who helped with the job.  The contractor was insanely careful and clean.  He covered the floor around the work.  He covered the counter-tops around the work.  His assistant vacuumed as he cut the stone to minimize the dust from the process.  He measured and marked the stone and re-measured before he cut.  The same process was followed with the modifications to the cabinet cuts.  IT SHOULD BE NOTED:  The cuts to the stone were fairly minor.  The existing cook-top hole in the granite was smaller than needed for the new cooktop.  The cuts to the cabinet face were very minor.  When it was all said and done, the new appliance looks great.  My wife is beyond excited.  I'm having our plumber come in this afternoon to change out the gas line and remove the line reducer used for the previous appliance (the new appliance has a much higher gas-flow capacity).  I would STRONGLY recommend using Joy of Granite anytime you need Kitchen Remodeling