Mark Gorka

A Joy of Granite

Joy was a pleasure to work with. She met with me and suggested some other options that I did not originally consider. I received about 3 other quotes and decided to go with Joy. I changed my mind a few times in the process. At first I wanted to do both vanity areas, the tub decking and a shower seat. Then I scaled back to just the vanities. At the end, I was back to both vanity areas and the entire tub surround, not just the horizontal surfaces that I originally planned...about 40 sq ft. Through it all Joy adjusted the estimate and material order. I was pressed on time and needed to get the work done early to mid There was a problem with the pair of slabs I had picked out. Joy received the material and didn't like the slab quality, so she found two different slabs. Since they were larger, the cost was a little more. There was a bit of a challenge installing the tub decking due to the fact that I had built the framing a little high for the faucet deck. It took a few hours to modify what I had done, but the crew was able to reduce the height of my 2x4 framing and put everything together. Joy experienced a medical emergency in the middle of my project. I'm amazed that she was able to keep the work on schedule. I would recommend Joy of Granite for you counter and vanity needs.