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Are you looking for marble countertops in Dallas, Texas?  There are many different choices of stone – each with its own benefits and characteristics.  One of the most beautiful countertops materials, is Marble.  Marble is a luxurious, elegant and durable stone whose beauty is unmatched by other counters. It is a classic stone that simply never goes out of style and is effective in improving the look and selling value of your home.  Marble is relatively easy to come by and most distributors have it readily available.  If you are wanting a one of a kind countertop, then marble is your stone.

How marble is made.

Marble is not made with resins, fillers or dyes.  It is created from the earth in marble quarries and cut into your countertop specification by large machines.

Why choose marble as your countertop material?

Marble has many great qualities as a countertop.  For one, it is great for cooking.  Marble is a favorite among bakers owing to its non-stick nature when rolling dough.  Marble is a very dense, hard stone which makes its easier for heat to transfer from a warmer object. It is also heat resistant and provides a cool working surface.

Marble offers more design capabilities than quartz or granite.  Fabricating marble to your own specifications is a little time consuming, however worth it.  Although it is a softer than quartz, quartzite and granite, marble is actually quite durable and malleable.  It has been used for thousands of years in sculptures and other forms of art because of how easy it is to carve and shape.  Most marbles possess a classic white color that is not too bright as seen with other stones such as soapstone or quartz, however, there are marbles that are mostly black, green, grey, burgundy as well.

Styles, finishes, and edges

Marble comes in different finishes one can choose for a countertop.  It can come in polished, honed, leathered, satin, antiqued or suede finishes.  Having a textured surface counter gives the countertop a different look.  The textured surface is scratch resistance and is less slippery when wet; however, can look like an older stone countertop (due to non polish look). The textured finish makes etch marks less visible and is very popular for kitchen countertops.  This finish requires more sealing than polished marble.

Polished marble countertops are smooth, glossy, and shiny.  The polished marble helps protect the marble from getting stained more than the textured surfaces.  Polished marble does not need to be sealed as often as a textured countertop, as the polished layer helps protect the marble. Polished marble countertops have been around since stone countertops have made the move in being the number one countertop.  The different textured marble countertops are a new finish in the stone countertop world.

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Knowing the characteristics of marble itself can help you learn how to take care of your countertop and leave it looking sparkling new for a very long time.  Be cautious as you may end up damaging your surface if you use the wrong method when cleaning.  Being a porous stone, it is easily eroded by acidic substances in your kitchen which include milk, red wine, tomato juice, lemon juice and vinegar. These liquids can also stain your countertop fairly easy.  Stains and spills on a marble surface need to be wiped as soon as they happen.  Oil and colored liquids can easily be absorbed leaving dark stains while acidic substances may cause the stone to etch. This occurs when the surface corrodes and leaves the raw stone underneath.  The lower layer which is not polished is responsible for the dull and slightly dull look on etched marble. This makes it a difficult surface to clean. Etching can also occur when harsh cleaning products are used on the surface.  Etching can be avoided by reducing contact with acidic substances. Stains that are left too long on marble surfaces cause permanent staining so be careful and cognizant of what is put on your countertop.

Preventative care

Maintaining a marble surface does not need to be hard. If you spill any liquids on the countertop, just get water and a mild hand soap to clean it.  Stains can be cleaned by pouring a few drops of hydrogen peroxide mixed with ammonia on the stain and wiping it with a damp piece of cloth. Because of its abrasive nature, marble should not be wiped using hard materials. Marble polishing powder is also available and is convenient for removing etching on marble counters. It is less likely to corrode your surface compared to other cleaning agents. The powder is poured on a wet surface and wiped using a damp cloth.  Etch marks can also be removed using Etch Remover Polish but is much harder on a honed surface. It is much harder to match the color of the etched surface with the surrounding sides and you may require the services of a professional. Staining can be reduced by routinely sealing with a sealant. Sealant on the marble prevents fast staining and you can wipe off the stain after a while without any worries. Sealant can also be used to repair your marble counter. You need to look for areas on your counter that are worn out and seal them to prevent further corrosion. Sealing, however, should only be done using recommended sealants since others may end up damaging your surface.


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